“Passarella Death Squad create pieces to make people stop,think and then reinvent themselves.”
i-D Magazine

“Part cult couture label, part electronic outfit, Passarella Death Squad make beautiful clothes with a perfectly matching soundtrack.”
DJ magazine

“Irresistibly cool images.”
Harpers Bazaar

“Passarella Death Squad are invading the scene with highly sought after graphic t-shirts”
Dazed and Confused

“A guaranteed way to gain extra street cred.”
The Telegraph

“Passarella Death Squad make T-shirts that look as if David Lynch has taken up a passion for screen printing.”

“They’re young and beautiful and they’re restless. Viva la revolucion, Viva Passarella.”
Hobo magazine

“All you could ask of a t-shirt.”
Sunday Times ‘Style’

“You may know Passarella Death Squad as purveyors of fine t-shirts, but their archly sinister musical project is also worth your time. Crepuscular drones and vampish moans from this exotic trio whose debut sets the tone for those S&M soirees you’re always thinking about hosting.”
9 0ut of 10 - Debut album review
Vice magazine

“Quietly stunning”
9 out of 10 - Debut album review
IDJ magazine

“As in your face and vivid as its name.”
Complex magazine